introducing the thorium salt network A blockchain energy solution for the world. The token pre-sale starts here.
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Never before has the merging of technologies been so appropriate as it is today.

Thorium based power generation will be combined with blockchain technology to seamlessly utilize all the advances in both, creating transparency and openness for the generation of power worldwide. This has the potential to revolutionize the way energy works in the world and set the scene for many hundreds of years to come.

"It came as a surprise to me to learn recently [2012] that such an alternative has been available to us since World War II [1945], but not pursued because it lacked weapons applications"

Victor J. Stenger , PhD Physics , b.1935 – d.2014

A properly configured machine that burns thorium called a “Molten Salt Burner”, or MSB:

Here’s some more you probably didn’t know:

The numbers speak for themselves. Thorium as a molten salt is way better.

An MSB can be used to burn all the spent nuclear fuel left over from old nuclear reactors. Without MSB, this waste is a very dangerous, very expensive, and very long-term 100,000-year problem from the existing, aging uranium-based power stations around the world today.

In an MSB this dangerous waste can be burned, with the “ashes” only needing to be stored for a mere 300 years.

Thorium technology was proven in the 1960’s but it was abandoned because it can’t be used to make nuclear weapons like uranium can.

In summary, using Thorium as an energy source is the no-brainer for the world’s power production.

So who is the world cares about Thorium as an energy source? Well there is lots of people:

china is investing USD 3.3 billion to build two MSBs by 2024. Links are here and here. The programme started in 2011 with a team of over 700 engineers.

russia is doing it with Rosatom and at the Kurchatov Institute. The Kurchatov institute already did a lot of thorium development work in the 1970’s – almost 50 years ago.

india is building a 300 MW reactor.

turkey announced that it would build a reactor.

And a host of over 20 private companies such as:

Copenhagen Atomics DFR Berlin Elysium Industries Flibe Energy Hyperion Global Energy Kairos Power Moltex Energy Terra Power Terrestrial Energy ThorCon Power
is thorium our energy future?

Here’s a great video describing all of the general concepts of thorium.

the blockchain

We won’t be building a MSB with this project. We will be building the world’s first fuel management system based on blockchain technology to provide transparency and openness to the fuel needed for the MSB technology.

Using blockchain technology we will put the Thorium energy system into the public space, forever. Providing a marketplace for energy generation, fuel management, and transparency never before seen in such a closed and secret industry as nuclear.

Fire needed wood. Steam needed coal. Car engines need oil and power turbines need gas. Supplying fuel has always been at least a big a business as building the machines that use it. Large states like China, Russia, and India can produce their own fuel supply chains. But the private startups in Europe and North America will not have the same economies of scale. A specialist fuel supply chain will be of great importance to them.

All those 20 plus private companies, as well as research laboratories around the world, need access to low cost reliable, traceable, transparent thorium salt.

Our blockchain project will provide the world community a way to contribute to nuclear energy in a way they have never been able to contribute before. The world will also be able to monitor and observe the movement of fuel as it is produced, mixed, sorted, transported, burned, and recycled for all thorium that is on the blockchain.

Tokens purchased at during the private sale will enable you to support the development of the TGE activities and enable your benefit, both financially and morally from the project.

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the team
Jeremiah​ ​Emanuel​ ​Josey BMEng linkedIn
Ciprian Popa Blockchain Expert linkedIn
Thomas Jam Pedersen MSc Elec Eng & MSc Mathematical Modelling linkedIn
Kushi Upadhyaya BSc Acc & Fin linkedIn
Anna Garkusha International Communication and Trade linkedIn
Ksenia Bespalova Head of Corporate Affairs linkedIn
Jukka Multisilta MBA linkedIn
Aslak Stubsgaard MSc Theoretical Physics linkedIn
Dr. Peter Szabo public communication linkedIn
Pierre Tavares Community Manager linkedIn
Dr. Thomas Steenberg public communication linkedIn
Making Safe Nuclear Power from Thorium | Thomas Jam Pedersen | TEDx Copenhagen

Thomas Jam Pedersen, engineer and co-founder of Copenhagen Atomics, was skeptical at first upon discovering and reading about thorium energy, which is present everywhere in the world and could technically provide an inexpensive energy supply for everyone for thousand years.

Jeremiah​ ​Emanuel​ ​Josey BMEng linkedIn

Jeremiah has more than 25 years of experience in team building and project execution, and investments into the energy sector. He has also been involved in information technology since before Netscape.

He holds active membership of the Gerson Lehrman Group, a knowledge brokerage and research firm based in New York, USA, and Mensa, a worldwide international high intelligence community.

Thomas Jam Pedersen MSc Elec Eng & MSc Mathematical Modelling linkedIn

Thomas is Chairman of Copenhagen Atomics. He is an expert in Lithium Fluoride Thorium Reactor technologies and is a pioneer in their commercialization. He is a speaker at international conferences on Thorium MSB and lecturer on nuclear technologies at the University of Copenhagen.

Ciprian Popa Blockchain Expert linkedIn

With over 15 years experience in production environments and greenfield projects, Ciprian possesses extensive management skills having served as a part of senior management in companies with over 200 employees.

For the last two years, he has been deeply involved in mining operations and global Blockchain technology projects with the cross-functional intent to investigate business disruptive emerging technologies, define appropriate strategies to maximize on presented opportunities while mitigating threats, and execute those strategies using a Blockchain network.

As the Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Ciprian will be providing key expert advice, business insight and professional guidance on topics related to Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Digital Currency, E-Money, e-Wallets, direction, processes, business development, sales and marketing of the products and services.

Kushi Upadhyaya BSc Acc & Fin linkedIn

Kushi has a decade of audit experience in public company accounting, spanning over various sectors including software companies, financial service institutions, insurance, construction, contracting, telecommunication and real estate. She became interested in the blockchain space over 2017 after watching token after token coming to the market.

Dr. Thomas Steenberg public communication linkedIn

As CEO and co-founder of Copenhagen Atomics, Thomas has 20 years experience with industrial R&D and startups. He holds an MSc. Chemical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Chemistry and Material Science. He is focused on public communication about MSB, safety, salt chemistry, and quality.

Aslak Stubsgaard MSc Theoretical Physics linkedIn

Aslak holds an MSc in Theoretical Physics and completed his thesis on modeling of molten salt reactors. He is a co-founder of Copenhagen Atomics. He has worked with Thorium MSB since 2015. His role related to the ICO in areas such as public communication about MSB, safety, reactor physics, and the salt supply market.

Jukka Multisilta MBA linkedIn

Jukka is a multidisciplinary future business expert with a broad experience in solving strategic and operative challenges for global companies and early stage technology companies. Previously he has worked with some of the largest companies of the world like Nokia, Kone, Ikea and Liberty Global.

Recently his focus has been on innovative growth companies that leverage exponential technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, 3D printing, and Blockchain. Jukka holds a Masters degree from Turku School of Economics with a focus in Finance, Economics, and Information Systems Science.

Dr. Peter Szabo public communication linkedIn

Peter heads Chemistry at Copenhagen Atomic and has more than 30 years experience with wet inorganic and organic industrial process chemistry. He holds both MSc and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. His role related to the ICO in areas such as public communication about MSB, safety, chemistry, processing of salts and waste streams.

Ksenia Bespalova Head of Corporate Affairs linkedIn

Ksenia has more the six years of experience providing M&A advisory services to multinational clients from various industries. In particular, Ksenia specialized on structuring investments in Russia assets, advising SPA-related matters and other M&A support, as well as preparation of financial models.

She will be focusing on the corporate agreements and structure for blockchain service providers.

Farnoosh Pourrang Enterprise Business Process Leader linkedIn

Farnoosh has more than 10 years experience as a supply chain manager with invaluable knowledge of managing and motivating diverse professionals in challenging environments; experienced professional in the ICT industry with a demonstrable focus on process ownership and cost management. Solid experience in planning, implementing, and executing strategies resulting in greater customer confidence and strengthened business results, running different projects simultaneously. Her interest is blockchain solutions that connect the software world to the real world.

Pierre Tavares Community Manager linkedIn

Passionate blockchain entreprenur, keen investor, visionary and project manager.

20 years experience within sales, marketing, IT, graphic industry and project management. I love the fact, that blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt the financial sector and facilitate transfer of power from the 1% elite to the 99%. Commited to promoting and educating people about how to take responsebility of their financial situation and how to become their own bank. Blockchain is power to the people and also has the potential to disrupt politics and democracy as well. The future of economics is decentralized and will be community driven. When people learn that they can vote with their wallets and stand together as community, they can create a new reality and build sustainable solutions for future generations to enjoy as well as facilitating a better distribution of wealth.

Anna Garkusha International Communication and Trade linkedIn

Anna’s main area of interest and activity is international communications. She works in this sphere for more than 4 years and she is well connected to it. Anna has great communication and learning skills and studied at Alexander's college in London and also in International House in Madrid.

She will be involved in the growth and profitability of the organization. Her role will include expense control, staff management, production flow, and department supervision.